I’m swinging in a hammock on the pier at sunset, the waters of Phang Nga Bay have receded to reveal the ocean’s scalloped floor with tiny crabs ticking by on pointed feet. Traveling out of my comfort zone to stay in a dirt-floored hut in Thailand has made me hyper aware of my surroundings. The thick, salty atmosphere shrouds the hulking peaks of limestone karats with their newly exposed feet, enveloping me and I notice how this shift in atmospheric conditions pulls at me.


I am trying to capture my experience of atmosphere in paint. In a way it is like trying to capture an emotion, or bottle up a song.  Using paint and the principles of color theory I seek to create a feeling that connect us with primordial emotions. One might even call this a sense of presence. The idea that simple shifts in value and tone can evoke an experience of vastness.